About Us

Principal’s Message

Hello and welcome to our Edgars Creek Primary School website.

It is my great privilege to be the Founding Principal of this wonderful primary school located at 45 Macedon Parade, Wollert, in the City of Whittlesea. We are located in a growth corridor with major housing developments present within our school zone. The school opened in Term 1, 2021 providing for 400 students from Prep (Foundation) to Year 6. In 2024, our school has approximately 780 student enrolments.

Edgars Creek Primary School aims to fully develop each young person academically, socially, emotionally and physically so they are well adjusted students who perform to the very best of their ability in all areas. We believe this can be best achieved in a happy, caring, safe and stimulating environment with the mutual commitment, support and cooperation of teachers, parents, students and the wider school community. We begin with the end in mind:  every child who attends Edgars Creek Primary School will become an active learner on his or her way to becoming a successful adult.

Our 2024 mantra is “Community Inspires Success” as we create a vibrant and connected school community. We are committed to our values of Respect, Responsibility, Curiosity and Courage as part of our daily school life.

We look forward to meeting your family and working with you in partnership in the education of your child.

Our Learning Precinct

Edgars Creek Primary School is part of a community precinct. It is adjacent to the Ganbu Gulinj Community Centre and Edgars Creek Secondary School. An Early Learning Centre is also within this area, providing families with convenience as all the services are co-located. This provides the opportunity for lifelong learning and strong community connections from birth to adulthood. Linking with these services will be paramount in ensuring a supportive transition program is offered between kindergarten and primary school.

Strong links between students’ primary and secondary education will be possible by the co-location of the schools. Learning across the schools will be maximised with students, teachers and families able to share learning opportunities, unique experiences, resources and continue to foster powerful community links.

School Values & Philosophy

Our Vision

Edgars Creek Primary School’s vision is to empower all students to strive for excellence and become independent lifelong learners.

Our Mission

Edgars Creek Primary School’s mission is to provide a positive, vibrant and inspiring learning environment where students are the centre of all we do, valued and encouraged to become community minded citizens, capable of learning at high levels.

Our Motto

Learning together for success

Our Commitment

At Edgars Creek Primary School students are at the centre of everything we do.

Our Values

Edgars Creek Primary School’s values are Respect, Courage, Curiosity and Responsibility.


We respect ourselves, connections with others, diversity, and the school environment.

We are caring and compassionate and value the rights, opinions and feelings of others.


We challenge ourselves and take responsible risks with our learning.

We do what we know is the right thing, even when it is very difficult and includes putting the interests of others ahead of our own self-interest.


We are open to new ideas and ways of thinking.

We learn in and with our community.


We strive to make good choices for ourselves and others by being dependable, independent, helpful and caring.

Our Behaviour Expectations

Edgars Creek Primary School acknowledges that the behaviour of staff, parents, carers and students has an impact on our school community and culture. We acknowledge a shared responsibility to create a positive learning environment for the children and young people at our school.

Our school has overarching Rights and Responsibilities all community members are expected to abide by. They are:

The Right to be Safe

Everyone has the right to feel safe and comfortable at school.

The Right to Learn

Everybody has the right to learn as much as possible.

Personal Responsibility

I do the right thing.

Communal Responsibility

I encourage others to do the right thing.


The physical design of Edgars Creek Primary School supports the school’s vision of a professional learning community. This ethos underpins the approach to teaching and learning and whole school operations. The design and intent of learning spaces facilitates a professional learning community approach enabling educators to collaborate, implement high-impact teaching strategies and reflect on the impact on learning in a continuous improvement culture. Learning Communities are designed around modifiable spaces that accommodate multiple learning approaches and can flexibly respond to the requirements of students and teachers, creating a sense of shared ownership, inclusion and everyday learning.

Design Principles

New school facilities in Victoria are designed with the following key elements incorporated into the school ethos and design:

Community: Context and Culture
Establishing a sense of place and community; a framework for the development of an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable urban structure, empowering strong, diverse communities.

Commitment to Whole of Life Learning and Living
An understanding that life-long learning is most successful when it is inclusive of: children, parents, neighbourhoods, wider communities and global citizenship.  It must reflect the values, vision and aspirations of all members of the endeavour.

Collaboration Between Stakeholders
Partnerships with the City of Whittlesea, Early Learning and community service providers, other schools, with parents, students, business and industry, the community and the DET allowing for better return on investment, better implementation, interaction and ideas.

Integrating Evidence-based Knowledge of High Impact Learning and Teaching Research and Strategies
Opportunities to privilege seamless planning, professional interaction and student engagement in learning.  Encourage quality professional learning opportunities and the conditions for capturing practice, building practice excellence, knowledge sharing and collaboration through team structures, collaborative design, planning and teaching and peer observations and feedback.

As a brand new school that has opened in 2021, we are very lucky to have a range of fantastic facilities to support our teaching and learning programs.

Our school includes:

  • An administration building
  • An arts, science and food technology building
  • Two Learning Neighbourhoods, made up of a number of flexible learning areas
  • A performing arts, library and physical education building, including a full sized gymnasium
  • Eight relocatable buildings, housing four of our learning communities, Digital Technologies and STEM classes
  • Two outdoor play courts
  • A sports field
  • Two play equipment areas, including a large sand pit and climbing spire
  • A Learning Street, providing spaces for outdoor learning
  • A Canteen which serves breakfast as part of Breakfast Club, and has snacks available for students to purchase at recess